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Trails to Ales Brewery has been working tirelessly over the past year to refurbish its 145-year-old downtown location at 1270 Liberty Street into Franklin’s first Micro Brewery. The walls have been restored back to the original brick, the ceiling is back to the original tin, and the old wooden floors with the distinctive creak, creak, creak when you walk on them have been uncovered and refinished.

Our vision is to promote the local area including our trails, the outdoors, health, and our local businesses while providing a comfortable, fun environment where you can meet with family and friends. At Trails to Ales, we offer you excellent craft beers, distinctive foods from our wood-fired pizza oven, entertainment, and fun! We will support through Trails to Ales many local businesses and plan to continue that support for years to come.

In 1990 Jim Holden of Franklin had a vision of the Rails to Trails program in Venango County. Jim worked tirelessly for over 20 years to make that vision a reality and today the Allegheny Valley Trails Association (AVTA) has over 55 miles of trails and boasts 3 of the top 10 trails in Pa. The Rails to Trails system brings a countless number of people to the area to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and waterways in a healthy, fun, and safe environment. In 1997 two newly-acquainted friends began running together on the trail, starting a 20-plus year friendship anchored by the bike trail and running. Over the years, two additional friendships were formed also centered on running and the bike trail.

Many life changes occurred for the four over those years and miles. Conversations varied from relationships to family, friends, and business. But one conversation was consistent… the love for micro-breweries and the desire to own one. Then on February 22, 2017, an unfortunate fire occurred at the Sportsman’s Tavern in Oil City, resulting in a total loss to that business. The Tavern owner, also a friend with extensive restaurant experience, offered to be in on the venture. With the addition of one more mutual friend and local business owner, Trails to Ales Brewery was formed on July 18, 2017!

Trails to Ales was founded with a mission to buy from and support local business and offer a unique meeting place to enjoy local food and craft beer. This brewery is the result of the Rails to Trails program and its continuing effort to make our area a destination for people to enjoy the beautiful landscape, celebrate fresh air, health, exercise, and fun. Trails to Ale’s honors the work of Jim Holden and the AVTA by donating 5% of the sales from our flagship beer, Holden’s Dream, directly to AVTA.


Community-Quencher Donation Policy

TrAils to Ales Brewery wants to be an integral part of the community by donating to worthy causes.  The Brewery will donate 3% of beer sales of a specific beer in a specific month to nonprofit organizations within our community who complete this application.  We are taking the extra steps to insure as many organizations can participate as possible, and to be as fair as possible.  Once your application is approved, you will be assigned one of our craft beers and a month. At the end of your month, you will receive a check for 3% of your beer sales in that month.  Currently only one application per year is available. However, if the program is successful we will expand it.  Applications must be for a specific cause within the organization.

Download the form here